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Straight Allies

Straight Allies are essential!

Straight Allies for LGBTQ Youth Straight Allies are a vital part of the LGBTQ community. They provide a voice for LGBTQ people; volunteer at IYG, and engage in educational conversations with those who are not as accepting to LGBTQ persons. They march with us in pride parades, stick up for us in schools, start Gay/Straight Alliances, and represent us at state, national, and international levels.

Straight youth/allies are indispensable members of Gay Straight Alliances. The more allies, the safer the LGBTQ youth will feel. Ask your friends to join!

So here's to you straight allies! IYG APPRECIATES YOU!

Straight allies are very welcome at IYG.

Over 20% of the youth who come to IYG are straight allies!

What if someone I know is gay?

Actually, everyone knows someone who's gay or lesbian.  You may not know it!  You can...

  • Be supportive by just being their friend
  • Become an LGBTQ ally by speaking up when derogatory remarks and jokes come up.  They aren't funny.
  • Get and stay informed
  • Help start or join your high school's GSA.  You make it safe for the gay students to join.
  • Keep their information confidential and let them come out to people if they wish.
  • Suggest they call someone to talk to if they are struggling with their identity.
  • Bring them to IYG!  It's always so much easier to go somewhere new when you are with a friend.

Check out http://www.straightforequality.org/ and take the pledge!