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IYG's Education Program

Here at IYG we are striving to support our youth in as many ways as possible.  We know that the drop out rate for LGBTQ+ youth is much higher than for the average high school population.  We also know that while many of the reasons for this are environmental at school, but regardless of why its hard to learn at school, our youth still need to learn!  Our education program aims to help youth achieve their academic goals through Open Homework Hours, a High School Equivalency (HSE) prep course, and College and Career Counseling.  Regardless of where you are at we want to help you look forward! 


Open Homework Hours

  • One of the most popular groups at IYG, Open Homework Hours are from 3-6 pm every day we are open (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)
  • Bring your homework, or anything productive you need to get done, and Lane's team of great tutors will be happy to help!  Or just take advantage of the quiet space!
  • We have a few youth laptops to borrow for computer related productive work.  

HSE Prep

College and Career Counseling

Lane the Education Program Coordinator!

Lane Banister joined the IYG staff in June of 2015.  He is a trained teacher, most recently teaching high school and middle school science in Philadelphia.  Starting this program at IYG is a dream job for Lane, and he is always excited to hear your ideas! 

Contact him at

College and Career Blog

Lane has also started a College and Career Blog specifically for IYG!  Read about scholarship oppertunities, college visits, upcoming workshops, internships, tips for writing cover letters and college application essays!