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Time is as important as money!Volunteer to Support LGBTQ Youth

Every Donation Counts!


Become a mentor, a food night volunteer, help on the art auction or another event, serve on a committee, or do odd jobs around the activity center. All is needed! Read more about all of the opportunities!

Spread the word

After you sign up for the IYG quarterly e-newsletter, forward it on to your friends and family. This will help more people in the community know about IYG, so they'll know where to send their daughter or the boy next door or that young person at church who seems to need a place like IYG!

All volunteers receive weekly newsletters including scheduling opportunities for the week and week after. 

Invite us to your group, to where you work, or to your church group to speak or give a training

IYG staff, youth, and volunteers provide speaking engagements to church groups, social organizations, universitiesand high schools…basically any group that would like to learn more about LGBTQ youth or the LGBT community. Trainings are also offered to social service professionals and school personnel. To get connected, click HERE!