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LGBTQ+ 101 > How do I know I'm bisexual?

How do I know I'm bisexual?

Bisexual Youth GroupSexual orientation isn't something that most people understand overnight.  You might be questioning your sexual orientation or already identify as bisexual.  Bisexual means that you are romantically/sexually attracted to both males and females. 

Some people who identify as bisexual say that they are more attracted to men and less attracted to women, some say they are more attracted to women and less attracted to men, some are equally attracted to both genders. 

Just like peoples opinions on people identifying as gay; there are many opinions about identifying as bisexual.  Here are some of the questions people who identify as bisexual may hear:  Are you just greedy?  Why can't you make up your mind?  Aren't you just confused?  You just want to hook up with a girl because your boyfriend thinks it's hot, right?  Sound familiar?

We are here to tell you that identifying as bisexual is just as real as identifying as lesbian or gay.  A lot of different factors can make coming out as bisexual a stressful situation.  IYG believes that no matter what anyone tells you, identifying as bisexual was something that was predetermined for you much like being left-handed or the color of your hair. 

Some people who identify as bisexual decide that they prefer to be identified as pansexual, or polysexual.  You can find out more about what each of these terms mean here: LGBTQ 101.

If you don't know who to tell about your sexual orientation, we are here for you!  Contact us.

You can find additional info about coming out as a bisexual from these websites: