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Intentionally Inclusive

IYG recognizes that all human beings have an intersection of identities, and that those identities may overlap and shape their experiences. These identities may include but are not limited to:

• Sexual orientation
• Gender identity
• Race and ethnicity
• Socioeconomic status
• HIV status
• Individuals experiencing homelessness
• Immigrant status
• History of sexual assault
• Family support/nonsupport
• Etc.

IYG programming is selected and created to be intentionally inclusive of as many various identities as possible, always encouraging youth to share their experiences from the perspective of the various communities to which they may belong. If a group is homogenous in its make-up, the facilitator is trained to ask questions of how a particular topic relates to other groups or people who may not necessarily be represented.

As part of its affiliation with the United Way, IYG participates in yearly diversity and cultural competency trainings. IYG has an internal Diversity Committee, comprised of board members, staff, and youth. Efforts to be intentionally inclusive often extend outside the walls of IYG and into the community at large. IYG offers cultural competency trainings for social service professionals on how to work with LGBTQ youth. Youth and staff are also available for speaking engagements, panel discussions, workshops, and trainings. You can learn more about our efforts to make our community and the great state of Indiana more LGBTQ+ inclusive, or you can contact us to set-up a training for your organization. 


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