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Parent Institute           

Indiana Youth Group's new Parent Institute program offers parents and caregivers of LGBTQ youth a safe space to become educated about and feel supported in topics that are important to developing and sustaining a happy and healthy relationship with their youth.

Parent Institute
• Learn about all things LGBTQ+
• Discover different styles of communication
• Find out how to be the best support for your youth
• Find out where to find support for yourself
• Meet and share with parents/caregivers like you
• Breakfast and lunch provided
• Earn a gift card at the end of the session!                            

Parent Institute "Grown-ups and Guardians Huddle"
• Meetings centered around what YOU want to know
• Concentrate on one particular subject each month
• Form a community of parents and caregivers
• Stay informed about issues in the LGBTQ+ community
• Find out how to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with your youth
• Gas cards/ Buss passes provided


For questions or to register, contact Jamie Roberts, Family Program Coordinator.