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LGBTQ Youth ProfessionalsIn the last year or two, a variety of research has been published that points to

  • 1) factors in the home (or foster home) that affect the development of LGBTQ youth
  • 2) The disparity of punishment in schools and juvenile justice situations concerning LGBTQ youth that may help explain a higher than normal rate of LGBTQ youth being "in the system"
  • 3) And, most importantly, research from the CDC in July 2011 used the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) and found LGBQ youth significantly higher in 6-8 (out of 10) risk behavior categories (behaviors that contribute to unintentional injuries, behaviors that contribute to violence, behaviors related to attempted suicide, tobacco use, alcohol use, other drug use, sexual behaviors, and weight management).

IYG's LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency trainings for professionals...earn 3.75 CEUs!

IYG is offering a 3-hour training each month to all social service professionals. NASW-IN CEUs (3.75) are available upon completion of the training.

Training includes:

  • Learning basic LGBTQ terms & definitions
  • Balancing professionalism with cultural, moral and religious views
  • Effects from lack of support from family, school, and places of worship
  • Disproportion of LGBTQ youth in juvenile justice systems & foster care
  • Discussion of specific LGBTQ youth issues and client scenarios
  • working with youth and adults transitioning gender

To register or for more information, email us at info@indianayouthgroup.org.

For more information, click HERE

Child Welfare League of America

The CWL has many good publications and information regarding serving LGBTQ youth. Their website is at http://www.cwla.org/publications/