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Research at IYGIYG Community Center Library

IYG's involvement in major research

Indiana Youth Group has been involved with four large research projects and many, many smaller ones. IYG understands that research and information on and using LGBTQ youth is needed, but this need must be weighed by the inherent difficulties that can arise out of research projects especially if done at IYG. Guidelines are being developed to help discern an appropriate use of IYG's facility and access to IYG's youth clients.


The Indiana Youth Access Project, 1999

A collaborative effort between the ISDH, IYG, and IU, this project was developed to identify effective strategies for reaching out to and helping LGBTQ youth reduce their risk for HIV infection.  Researchers: Eric R. Wright, Ph. D. with J. Dale Dye, Michelle E. Jiles, and Melissa K. Marcello.

To read the final evaluation report, click here


Growing Up Gay in Indiana, 2007

In 2007, researchers at IU, conducted a statewide survey of self-identified LGBT persons who grew up in Indiana. The main purpose of the exploratory study was to compare outcomes (mental, physical, social, and sexual) for adults who had attended an LGBTQ youth group such as IYG and those who did not.  Researchers: Christopher M. Fisher, PhD, Eric R. Wright, PhD & Harold Kooreman, MA

For background information on this study, click here. For key findings, click here.


The Diverse Adolescent Sexuality and Health (DASH) Study, 2009

IYG was selected as one of three sites nationwide to be involved in a very comprehensive study: Understanding Health Risk Behaviors among LGBT Adolescents.Sexual minority adolescents are at increased risk for substance use, suicidality, and HIV infection, relative to their heterosexual peers. The goal of the study was to help understand the unique stressors (e.g., anti-gay mistreatment in schools, families, communities) that likely place them at additional risk so that better preventive interventions can be developed for sexual minority adolescents.  Funding Agency: National Institute of Health / National Institute of Mental Health.  Principle Investigator: David Huebner, PhD, MPH

To read the final DASH report for Indianapolis, click here


LGBTQ Youth and Their Families: An Assessment of Experiences, Needs, and Sources of Support, 2010 

This research was a collaborative project undertaken between Indiana Youth Group and Indiana University School of Social Work and supported by a grant from the Tides Foundation.

Three focus groups were conducted to understand the psychosocial needs and resources of families of LGBTQ youth, the nature and quality of available social supports to youth and their families, the nature and range of agency programs and services available to LGBTQ youth and their families and the needs of youth in residential care and the barriers to reunification.  Research Staff: Gail Folaron, Ph.D., LCSW, Principal Investigator, Eldon Marshall, Ph.D., LCSW, Co-Principal Investigator

To read the final report, click here.