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Welcome to the Indiana Youth Group!

IYG is an activity center for youth like you! 

If you are aged 12-20 and identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning (LGBTQ), or are a straight ally, IYG is for you!  Everyone is welcome at IYG. 

Check out the activity center calendar!

IYG is a great place…. to meet new people

  • To learn a few things or talk out problems
  • To have a free dinner
  • To chat with the IYG staff
  • To hang out with youth from all over Indiana
  • Most of all, to be accepted for who you are! 

If you can't get to IYG, there's plenty of information here on this website.  And if you don't find the info you want, let us know; or if you just want to talk, call us!  You can also sign up for a PenPal!

Hours, Address, Phone, Contact

The IYG Center is open:

  • Monday and Tuesday: See staff by appointment
  • Wednesday & Thursday: 3:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Friday: 3:00pm - 11:00pm

IYG is located at 2943 East 46th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46205 (the southwest corner of 46th and Binford Blvd.)

Phone: 317-541-8726

Questions? Contact IYG's Executive Director, Chris Paulsen!

About IYG

Indiana Youth Group was founded by Chris Gonzalez and his partner Jeff Werner in 1987.  The group began as a very private support group for self-identified LGBTQ youth.  In 1994, IYG moved to its current location at 46th and Binford Blvd.  IYG's main function is to provide a safe place for youth along with programming and LGBTQ+ youth support services within its activity center.  IYG also provides LGBT cultural sensitivity trainings to schools, universities, faith-based organizations, mental health facilities, and government organizations. The Education Program Coordinator of IYG helps Gay/Straight Alliances or Gender and Sexualities Alliance (GSAs) within Indiana grow, and also, helps students and schools start GSAs.  IYG has a board of directors and an expanding staff.  Most importantly, IYG is grateful to its volunteers who are the backbone of the organization.