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Be an ally; be a safe person to talk to...

A variety of research has been published that points to

  • 1) factors in the home (or foster home) that affect the development of LGBTQ youth
  • 2) The disparity of punishment in schools and juvenile justice situations concerning LGBTQ youth that may help explain a higher than normal rate of LGBTQ youth being "in the system"
  • 3) LBG youth are at higher risk for 73 of 111 behaviors, including bullying, dating violence, drug/alcohol usage and suicide ideation and attempts. (2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, CDC)

IYG's LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency trainings for professionals...earn 3.75 CEUs!

IYG is offers a 3-hour training to all social service professionals. NASW-IN CEUs (3.75) are available upon completion of the training.

Training includes:

  • Learning basic LGBTQ terms & definitions
  • Balancing professionalism with cultural, moral and religious views
  • Effects from lack of support from family, school, and places of worship
  • Disproportion of LGBTQ youth in juvenile justice systems & foster care
  • Discussion of specific LGBTQ youth issues and client scenarios
  • working with youth and adults transitioning gender

To register or for more information on additional training needs, please complete a Training Request Form or email us at info@indianayouthgroup.org.


Child Welfare League of America

The CWL has many good publications and information regarding serving LGBTQ youth. Their website is at http://www.cwla.org/publications/