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Identifying a Need

In 2013, Indiana Youth Group received a grant to offer evidence-based prevention programming because youth in general and LGBTQ youth specifically are alarmingly at risk for suicide. After searching through the list of evidence-based programming on SAMHSA's website, IYG staff was surprised to learn that there were no evidence-based suicide prevention programs centering LGBTQ+ youth. There are incredible resources and wonderful work being done, but IYG decided to utilize the curriculum Coping And Support Training because of its focus on mood management, drug use control, and goal setting as well as its status as an evidence-based program. 

IYG had great success, completing a total of seven cohorts of CAST and had 100% completion (every youth that began the program completed the program!). While the feedback from the youth was overwhelmingly positive, one thing was consistently named as a shortcoming; the youth wanted a program that was specifically for LGBTQ youth. With youth feedback in mind, guided by  IYG's Five Core Principles, and building on a strong foundation in the cognitive model as a preventive tool (not a therapeutic approach), IYG staff created a new program: Thrive: Dare to be Powerful.

Cognitive Model


What is Thrive: Dare to be Powerful?

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Feel free to reach out to the Kaylee Sink with any questions, and you can check out what youth who have experienced the program have to say about it!