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Give Now

If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator

If you wish to volunteer directly with youth as a youth volunteer or group facilitator, follow these steps:

1) Fill out our volunteer form below. 

2) Fill out the self check CPS background form

  • This can take 2-3 weeks and the results will come directly to IYG.  

3) Receive the remainder of your background check and sign up for fingerprinting.

  • The cost for fingerprinting is $20, paid to Indiana Youth Group via check or cash.**

 4) Sign up for a volunteer orientation by e-mailing our coordinator here!

After your training, you'll be able to shadow a current volunteer three times before becoming an official IYG youth chaperone!

*Note: If you are not yet 25 years old or only want to volunteer for events, the $20 is not required.

Volunteers who have never been a youth at IYG must be 23. If you are an alumni of IYG you will need to be 25 to volunteer.